About Us

How Dave Became Raw Dave

14 years ago Dave’s Dad (age 68), the strongest man Dave ever knew, was diagnosed with cancer, and like most in his position chose “conventional medicine”. With the chemotherapy that ensued Dave watched his Dad deteriorate and with- in one year he died. Dave, a successful roofing contractor at the time, became obsessed with finding a better way to approach and treat disease. He realized it had to be from inside out, to go after the cause and not just to treat the symptoms.

Dave gave up his business and spent the next 2 years traveling the country and studying with the best in raw food and human nutrition. Dave is now considered a leading authority in both fields. Dave lives in physical bliss every second of every day in a pain and aliment free body. He walks the walk! He’s figured it out! Dave has uncovered the truth, and the misrepresentations of the “food” industry.

He has broken it down to a cellular level and knows what it takes to be truly healthy, how to build and maintain an impeccable immune system, how to be strong, to have boundless energy, clear thoughts and the ability to make conscience full decisions at all times.


He took control of his health and his life came along for the ride. Dave’s Raw Food is fully committed to offering the most delicious and nutritious plant based products that nature will allow. Dave’s Raw Food is 100% of the time 100% organic and plant based, always free from dairy, eggs, GMO’s, peanuts, soy, wheat and honey with no added sugars. At Dave’s Raw Food it is the people who choose to purchase our products to whom we are the most grateful and dedicated.

We at Dave’s Raw Food endeavor to offer the best products for optimum health through plant based nutrition. Join us! and live the rewards!

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