Dave's Raw Food

Discover the benefits of plant-based snacking

Wholesome and healthy bars, crafted with care

What Makes Raw Dave's SuperfoodsTM Special?

Raw Dave’s Superfoods aren’t just made differently than other energy bars - they begin differently, too. We start with sprouting our almonds, a process that makes essential nutrients (like vitamins A, B, and C as well as minerals like Iron and Calcium) more readily available and easily absorbed by the human body. Then, after carefully dehydrating the almonds, we gently blend them with organic fruits to create our nutritious, minimally processed, plant-based bars.

Beyond the health and wellness benefits of our bars, they are also delicious and free of any added sugars.


Excellent, delicious food to make your body happy.

Erin L.

Awesome, delicious, healthy. Great food for a totally healthy life.”

Jim F.

Dave makes the most amazing vegan foods! I love everything they make!

Brion C.